AirTraveler Walker Lower Leg Foot Orthosis

R = L
Compensation shoe not necessary


  • Acute care of ankle sprains
  • Stress fractures
  • Fractures in the foot and ankle joint region
  • Fractures in the metatarsal region
  • Injuries in the forefoot, midfoot and rearfoot areas
  • Achilles tendon injuries


  • For stabilisation of the ankle joint
  • Lining with integrated pump
    ➝ Individual fitting + additional compression
  • Available with high and short shaft
  • 4 additional pads (included)
    ➝ Additional padding in the ankle area


The AirTraveler Walker is a lower leg foot orthosis for immobilisation in a 90° position. The soft and skin-friendly liner with integrated pump provides high comfort and fixes the ankle. The orthosis can be individually adjusted to the respective degree of swelling by inflating or deflating. The lightweight orthotic construction and flat, rounded tread provide comfortable wear. Depending on the indication, you can choose between a high or short shaft. The five or three straps ensure high stability.


SizeShoe sizeInsole in cmHigh shaftShort shaft
  ABCArt. No.Art. No.
XSup to 3610.08.522.0AT0ATS0
S37 – 3810.39.024.0AT1ATS1
M39 – 4111.29.527.0AT2ATS2
L42 – 4411.89.729.0AT3ATS3
XL45 – 4712.010.030.5AT4ATS4
Measurements and sizes are approximate and depend on the volume of the dressing applied.

Colour: Black