Relief Insert® 2.0 Foot-Positioning Orthosis

R = L
Exchangeable insole
Low weight


  • For general use in conservative and postoperative therapy of lower leg, ankle and foot injuries:
    • Pre- and postoperative support
    • Pes equinus prophylaxis
    • Post-traumatic stabilisation / Immobilisation
    • Immobilisation following an accident
    • Short-term stabilisation (ligament rupture, luxation, fractures, wounds, strains, sprains, etc.)
  • For use with heel wedges for positioning in case of:
    • Tendinitis in the Achilles tendon area
    • Plantar flexion contracture of more than 10°
    • Shortening of the calf muscles
    • Achilles tendon ruptures
    • Postoperative use for Achilles tendon suture
    • Postoperative use for removal of Haglund’s exostosis


  • Safe positioning directly in the operating theatre
  • Immobilisation in a given position
  • Replaceable lining
    ➝ Hygienic fitting
  • Low weight + slim design
  • Easy to put on and take off
    ➝ Simple bandage control
  • Automatic modification of the width in the calf area
    ➝ Adjuster to unhook if required
  • Soft heel area thanks to the splint cut-out
  • Integrated pump ➝ Individually adjustable to the healing process or the state of swelling
  • Optional forefoot strap (inclusive)
    ➝ Additional support


During product development of the Relief Insert® foot-positioning orthosis, the focus was on immediate use for secure and time-saving positioning in the operating theatre as well as on practical and simple upgrading to a mobile version with a post-operative shoe.

The 90° positioning orthosis is for general use in conservative and postoperative therapy of calf, ankle and foot injuries. Three elasticated and freely positionable hook and loop fasteners and a forefoot strap optimally fix the foot in the orthosis. The most convincing aspect is the simple and time-saving handling and the option of upgrading the system in post-operative follow-up treatment. Once the wound dressing has been applied in the operating theatre, the foot positioning orthosis is applied and fixed with elastic webbing straps. Time-consuming plastering or modelling of a splint is a thing of the past and costly operating theatre time is significantly reduced.


SizeShoe sizeInsole in cmShaft heightArt. No.
S37.0 – cmRIX2-1
M41.5 – 43.027.511.06.536.3 cmRIX2-2
L43.5 – cmRIX2-3
Measurements and sizes are approximate and depend on the volume of the dressing applied.
Colour: Grey-Blue


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