DARCO expands social media presence

Interview with Martina Mayr, Social Media Officer and Marketing Manager at DARCO (Europe) GmbH

To increase presence and information flow in the foot and ankle area, DARCO integrates the social media presence as an integral part of the marketing communication.

DARCO increasingly relies on social media marketing to be even more present. What is the motivation?

We want to expand our traditional marketing channels with new communication routes. Media costs are rising, print media are increasingly taking a back seat. We want to be more agile and meet our customers where they are. The balance and compatibility with the existing marketing channels is important to us. Our customer groups are diverse, our goal is to appeal to all generations, and we are catching up with the younger ones in particular!

What is particularly important to you when implementing communication in the social networks?

For me, it is about more up-to-dateness, emotionality, and information flow. As one of the global market leaders in foot and ankle care, we already benefit from high brand awareness, but news, trends and product developments should now reach customers and patients even faster. It is important for me to reduce distances and learn what is important for the people of my generation in the industry.

You are primarily responsible for social media communication. How and what will DARCO “post”?

Relevant content of high quality so that we achieve our goals and are digitally successful. Content complements the classic channels, but is prepared differently. The motto is: Short, crisp, informative. Whereby simple language here does not mean trite. In the news we also use more picture and video material. I am also keen to provide insights into our company, our team or our activities, thus enabling “a look behind the scenes”. This makes the DARCO brand even more relatable!

On which social media platforms is DARCO active?

We have been on LinkedIn for some time now, which we value as a professional and industry-specific network. This is where we can increase our corporate attractiveness. Now DARCO is launching contents on the Facebook and Instagram platforms!



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