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At DARCO, we do everything we can to help people get back on their feet faster. Our claim “Always one step ahead” is our motivation and driving force to increase the quality of our services, to expand our knowledge and to push innovative products. DARCO: More than 35 years of technical innovation, functionality and high product quality have shaped the industry.


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35 YEARS of experience are DARCO’s background in the field of orthopaedic devices and shoes | 202 INDICATIONS are what we address with our products | 190 KILOMETRES is the distance that DARCO’s employees ride on their job bikes every day

about DARCO

In our mini-series “about DARCO” we give you an insight behind the scenes of DARCO.
Get to know our work processes and the people behind DARCO.

Part 1 Product Development with Thomas Dietrich

Part 2 Marketing with Matthias Hain