Relief Insert® Walker 2.0 Lower Leg Foot Orthosis

R = L
Exchangeable insole
Compensation shoe not necessary
Low weight


  • Pre- and postoperative / post-traumatic immobilisation of the lower leg and foot region, stable foot or ankle fractures, severe ankle sprains
  • Postoperatively after Weber fractures
  • For ankle ligament ruptures
  • OSG arthrodesis
  • Postoperatively after Haglund exostosis ablation (with intact Achilles tendon)
  • TMT 1 arthrodesis (lapidus arthrodeses)
  • After metatarsal fracture surgery
  • After hallux valgus surgery
  • After hallux rigidus surgery
  • After hammer and claw toe surgery
  • Fractures of the phalanges
  • After rearfoot surgery


  • Splinting system + walker rolled into one
  • Immobilisation in a given position with simultaneous mobilisation
  • Shoe removable + exchangeable lining
    ➝ Hygienic care
  • Low weight + slim design
    ➝ Physiologically correct gait pattern
  • Easy to put on and take off
    ➝ Simple wound control
  • Automatic modification of the width in the calf area
    ➝ Adjuster to unhook if required
  • Soft heel area thanks to the splint opening
  • Integrated pump
    ➝ Individually adjustable
  • Optional forefoot strap (included)
    ➝ Additional support
  • Back-shifted ball rocker
    ➝ Less pressure in the forefoot


The Relief Insert® Walker 2.0 offers a sustainable therapy concept with high wearing comfort. The walker can be used as a comfortable positioning splint by removing the high sectoral off-loading shoe Relief Dual® Plus. In addition, the walker offers many individual customisation options. The width of the Splinting System automatically adjusts to the circumference of the patient’s calf. If necessary, the adjuster can be unhooked if the calves are particularly wide. With the laterally mounted pump and valve, the volume of the air chambers can be increased or decreased for additional stabilisation of the ankle.The blue lining elements (calf, front liner and forefoot strap) can be removed from the splint and machine washed at 60°C.

The Relief Insert® Walker 2.0 can be customised with all kinds of DARCO Arch Cushion Insoles for additional plantar pressure relief. The PegContour® Insole Uni – an off-loading cushion insole with heel contour and memory foam effect – pre-fitted in the walker achieves optimum pressure redistribution. Removal of single pegs allows individual adjustment and enables selective pressure relief.



SizeShoe sizeInsole in cmShaft heightArt. No.Size
  ABCD Toe Cap, InsoleDevisys® Spikes
XS37.0 – 38.524. cmRIW2-0WM1
S39.0 – cmRIW2-1MS1
M41.5 – 43.027.511.06.540.3 cmRIW2-2MM2
L43.5 – cmRIW2-3ML2
XL45.5 – cmRIW2-4MXL2
Measurements and sizes are approximate and depend on the volume of the dressing applied.
Colour: Grey-Blue


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