Commodus Open® Open Healing Shoe

R = L
Exchangeable insole
For diabetics with a suitable insole
Compensation shoe not necessary
Low weight


  • Lesions on the medial MTP I joint, on the lateral MTP V joint and the entire dorsal and plantar forefoot
  • For postoperative care
  • For wound care
  • Arthritis


  • Completely open forefoot area
  • Optional freely attachable number of hook and loop straps in the forefoot area
  • Heel cap pulled forward
    ➝ Safe guidance + heel stability
  • Wide opening
    ➝ Easy entry + space for bulky dressings
  • High shaft + adjustable shaft width
  • Seamless comfort zone
  • Back-shifted ball rocker
    ➝ Easier rolling characteristics + improved forefoot off-loading
  • Continuous rigid shoe base reinforcement
  • Outsole made of EVA
    ➝ Shock-absorbing
  • Square Toe: Generous angular shape
    ➝ Toe protection


The name Commodus Open® is derived from the Latin word “commodus”, meaning, suitable, comfortable, easy, adapting something to a thing.

The open design of the Commodus Open® makes it particularly suitable for care of postoperative wounds and lesions located medially at the MTP I joint, laterally at the MTP V joint and anywhere on the dorsal and plantar forefoot. The Commodus Open® serves to stabilise the foot, and provides shock and pressure redistribution after surgery or other wounds. In order to be able to relieve existing wounds in the forefoot area, the number of hook-and-loop straps to be used in the forefoot area can be freely selected as required. None, one, two or three hook-and-loop straps can be flexibly attached and shortened if necessary. This means that the Commodus Open® can be individually adapted to the needs of each patient.


SizeShoe sizeInsole in cmArt. No.
XS33.5 –
S37.5 – 39.523.59.57.0CO1
M40.0 – 41.525.510.07.5CO2
L42.0 – 44.027.510.58.5CO3
XL44.5 – 47.029.511.59.0CO4
Measurements and sizes are approximate and depend on the volume of the dressing applied.

Colour: Black


Pressure measurements



Commodus Open®


Commodus Open®
+ PegAssist® Insole
(cut-out forefoot MTP II + III)

Commodus Open®


Commodus Open®
+ PegContour® Insole Uni
(cut-out forefoot MTP II + III)

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Lian Stoeldraaijers Diabetes Podiatrist and President Dutch Association of Diabetes Podiatrists / Valkenswaard, North Brabant Province, Netherlands

„As a podiatrist specialising in diabetes, I was always looking for a shoe that was as free as possible in the forefoot area and could be individually adjusted. With this in mind, in cooperation with DARCO I initiated the “Commodus Open®”. The advantages of the shoe lie primarily in the individual hook and loop straps that I can attach as needed when providing care for dorsal, medial and lateral ulcerations so that no pressure is exerted on the affected areas. It facilitates adjustment and at the same time provides perfect support and stability. The ability to open the shoe completely and allow very easy entry is perfect.“

Dr. Christian Beck Orthopaedic joint practice Dr Beck & Dr Seis in München and Eching, Germany

„It is not uncommon for surgical wounds or ulcerations to be located on the medial, lateral or dorsal side of the foot. Especially in these cases, it becomes apparent how individually adaptable a post-op shoe is without losing stability and functionality. Studies confirm my impression of the Commodus Open® that flexibility, stability and functionality can be combined. In the future, in the interest of my patients, I will continue to closely follow the further development of DARCO postoperative wound care, especially in foot surgery, and pass on the good results in my practice.“

Dr. med. Dr. h.c. Michael Gabel Specialist in orthopaedics and rheumatology

„Longer use of the therapeutic shoes without wear should be possible. This also requires a firm posterior cap to provide support for the unsteady patient. Together with a good foot bedding, the sole roll should redistribute the pressure sufficiently so that the surgical result is not jeopardised. The requirement for easy-care materials and sufficient volume for dressings is self-evident. In addition, the patient must be confident with the handling. For me, the Relief Dual® offers all this and is complemented by the Commodus Open®. These experiences have been scientifically proven – evidence is rightly required – by pressure distribution measurements.“