Body Armor® Heel Reliever Heel Protector

Universal size
R = L
For diabetics
Low weight
Time saving


  • For the prevention and healing of pressure ulcers on the heel, in diabetic foot syndrome or decubitus
  • Score of 14 or less on the Braden scale
  • Diabetes with neurological sensory deficits
  • Prolonged immobility or coma
  • Paraplegia
  • Absence of palpable pulse on the foot


  • One size fits all
    ➝ Adjustment to fit narrow or wide calves
  • Pressure redistribution to raised calf pad + opening in the heel area
    ➝ The heel floats freely
  • Heel opening for visual control
  • Extra-high foot section
    ➝ Orthograde position + pes equinus prophylaxis
  • Long calf pad avoids hyperextension of the knee
  • Asymmetrical design allows overlapping of the lateral elements
    ➝ Flexible size adjustment (Flexible-Flap-Design)
  • Forefoot strap and pad
    ➝ Safe foot position
  • Forefoot pad
    ➝ Avoidance of skin contact with strap
  • Positioning wedge prevents hip rotation (included)
  • Extra foam pad
    ➝ Individual customising options
  • Foam with bevelled edges and corners
    ➝ Less pressure at the edges
  • Lateral ventilation holes
    ➝ Improved air circulation
  • Smooth underside
    ➝ Sliding of the leg on the support surface possible
  • Ideal positioning
    ➝ Also for vacuum therapy
  • Label: For writing patient data + QR code for instructions for use
  • 2 Foam variants: Smooth or convoluted
  • Machine-washable at 60°C




The Body Armor® Heel Reliever heel protector offers effective pressure relief that can be used in preventive, acute or chronic phases of wound care, e.g. pressure ulcers. The special design allows for optimal positioning during VAC pump or compression therapy. The Body Armor® Heel Reliever is available in two variants. With a smooth foam surface – especially for sensitive skin and with a convoluted surface that offers improved air circulation and a pleasant cooling effect. In both versions, the seamless inner surface also ensures less skin irritation.  The Body Armor® Heel Reliever can be easily washed at 60°C in the washing machine using the washing bag included in the scope of delivery.

Circumference calf: 25 - 54 cm


SizeShoe sizeCircumferenceConvolutedSmooth
  calfArt. No.Art. No.
Universalup to 4725 – 54 cmBAHR-NBAHR-F
Measurements and sizes are approximate and depend on the volume of the dressing applied.
Colour: Grey-Blue



Max Häberle and Carolin Ecker Fachbereich Home-Care, Sanitätshaus Weinmann GmbH, Göppingen, Germany

„At Sanitätshaus Weinmann we are very satisfied with the Body Armor® Heel Reliever. Its straightforward handling makes it easy and quick to explain to laypeople and professional carers. It can be quickly and easily attached to the patient with hook and loop straps. For decubitus ulcers on the heels, pressure relief is the most essential part of treatment. The Body Armor® Heel Reliever achieves this by allowing the heel to “float” freely. We like to use the Body Armor® Heel Reliever for decubitus ulcers. Its shape prevents hyperextension of the knee, the “pes equinus”, and it secures the foot in an orthograde position.“

Anna Jenßen Team Senioreneinrichtungen, HomeCare, Luttermann GmbH, Essen, Germany

„The Body Armor® Heel Reliever is manufactured to a high standard of quality and, thanks to the many accessories, can effectively support anti-decubitus therapy and wound healing in many patients with existing pressure ulcers by consistently keeping the heel free. It supports the foot optimally and sits firmly on the foot thanks to the foam pads and hook and loop fasteners included. The fabric on the back of the Heel Reliever allows it to slide over the surface of the bed and supports the patient’s own movement in bed. The handling of the Body Armor® Heel Reliever is particularly simple and self-explanatory and we are happy to recommend it for patients with heel decubitus.“