TAS® (Toe Alignment Splint) Toe Alignment Splint

Universal size
R = L
Low weight


Postoperative following:

  • Hallux valgus surgery (1)
  • Hammer toe surgery (2)
  • Tailor’s bunion surgery (3)


  • Postoperative bandage for alignment used instead of taping
  • Freely positionable fixation + alignment of operated / corrected toes
  • Also for use after minimally invasive procedures
  • Soft, skin-friendly material
    ➝ Pleasant wearing comfort
  • Stabilising element: Thermoplastically shapeable
  • Elastic, 34 cm long metatarsal strap
    ➝ Care of wide feet possible
  • Elastic heel strap on the rearfoot
  • Can be worn with post-op and healing shoes



The TAS® Toe Alignment Splint is an effective and affordable way to maintain the desired toe position postoperatively during the healing process. The elastic heel strap at the rearfoot prevents slippage of the midfoot bandage during wearing. The soft material is particularly comfortable to wear. The individual loops keep the toes in the desired position.


  • Made in EU: For particularly short delivery routes
  • Lower weight: For more comfortable wearing and conservation of resources


  • Instructions made of especially thin paper, produced regionally
  • No outer packaging and unnecessary packaging material
  • Sandwich label: Particularly easy handling for our customers during documentation thanks to removable elements



SizeLength*Art. No.
Universal34 cmTAS-22
Measurements and sizes are approximate.
Colour: White
Information: *Length of the metatarsal strap



Dr. med. Rudolf Frank Surgeon / Trauma Surgeon and Orthopaedist Seefeld Hospital, Germany

„The TAS® Toe Alignment Splint optimally secures the surgical result because the patient can regularly redress the operated toe into the desired position. Since I, as a hospital-based physician, am not allowed to provide long-term outpatient after-care and, on the other hand, there is not enough time to renew the redressing bandage every 2–3 days, the use of this splint is of great advantage, especially since the handling of the TAS® Toe Alignment Splint is also particularly easy for my patients.“

Dr. med. Martin Jordan Specialist in orthopaedics and trauma surgery Hessingpark-Clinic, Augsburg, Germany

„In our daily clinic routine, the TAS® Toe Alignment Splint is regularly used in a wide variety of toe correction surgeries. The freely positionable toe loops can be individually attached to the forefoot strap. The strength of the redressment can also be adapted very easily to the foot situation of our patients. This optimal fixation of the toe alignment splint ensures the best possible surgical result for the healing period and has a positive effect on the healing process.“

Dr. Vlatka Andric Senior physician Hessingpark Clinic, Augsburg, Germany

„The TAS® Hallux Valgus splint by DARCO enables individual fixation and alignment of the operated / corrected toes in the desired position. This correct positioning of the toes during the healing phase decisively determines and secures the surgical result. Patients appreciate the soft material of the bandage. With the use of the TAS® Hallux Valgus splint, additional tape bandages can be dispensed with, which makes care more efficient and cost-effective. That is why I have been using the TAS® Hallux Valgus splint regularly for many years after surgical interventions.“