DARCO unites talents: For decades, DARCO has been connecting people who contribute to the company’s success with their expertise and skills. We work passionately every day to provide smart devices for optimum patient care.

Management Board

Johannes Hagenmeyer

Managing Director

Katharina Feistl

Authorised Signatory


Regina Sailer


Sales National

Robert Grober

Director Sales National, Global Strategy

Rebekka Müller

Director Key Accounts

Daniela Bukoll

Assistant Sales

Customer Service

Franziska Gatzen

Manager Customer Service

Susanne Bosch

Customer Service

Christine Herrmann

Customer Service

Elisa Roth

Customer Service

Sales International

Rainer Kalleitner

Director Sales International

Barbara Haslauer

Assistant Sales International

Anna Hagenmeyer

Project Manager Sales International and Digitalisation

Moritz Hagenmeyer

Student Trainee Sales International

Product management

Miriam Stachel

Senior Product Manager

Alexander Grenzebach

Product Manager

Kathrin Stumper

Woundcare application consultant GSA

Andre Deffte

Wound Expert


Matthias Hain

Director Marketing

Martina Mayr

Senior Marketing Manager

Eva-Maria Seifert

Digital Marketing Manager

Alice von Jordan

Senior Marketing Manager

Susanne Kreitner

Graphic Designer

Anke Moog

Graphic Designer

Elisabeth Hofer

Working student marketing and digitalisation

Finance, Administration, HR, IT

Katharina Feistl

Director Finance, Administration, HR

Gabriele Hang

Manager Finance, Administration, HR

Denise Endresl

Assistant Finance, Administration, HR

Martin Krautner

IT Manager

Product development, Quality management, Purchasing and analytics

Thomas Dietrich

Senior Director Product Development, QM, Purchasing and Analytics

Regina Felix-Pöckl

Product Development,
Director QM (QMO)

Birgit Mayer

Director Purchasing and Analytics

Birgit Raab


Niclas Greinwald

Product Development, QM, Purchasing

Sieghard Graf von Luxburg

QM, Purchasing

Warehouse logistics

Christian Rid

Manager Warehouse Logistics

Stefan Zanantonio

Warehouse Logistics

Tobias Klingl

Warehouse Logistics

Ramona Lackner

Warehouse Logistics

Daniel Sonntag

Warehouse Logistics

Muselem Jabara

Warehouse Logistics

Trainees and apprentices

Daniel Wandt

2nd apprenticeship year Warehouse Logistics

Milania Oliveira

1st apprenticeship year
Office Management

Sales Representatives

Falk Schreiber

Northern Germany

Peter Bottner

Central and Eastern Germany

Ümit Özdemir

Southwestern Germany

Daniela Staudacher

Southern Germany

Georg Bernarding

Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate