PegContour® Insole Uni Universal Peg Arch Cushion Insole

R = L
For diabetics
Time saving


  • After hallux valgus and small toe surgery (Austin, Akin, Scarf, Weil, Hohmann etc.)
  • Postoperative use and treatment of the heel
  • Angioneuropathic foot changes in combination with mild foot deformities
  • Healing of ulcerations in the heel area (rearfoot ulcers)
  • Fasciitis plantaris / heel spur
  • Heel wounds
For selective off-loading for:
  • Plantar lesions
  • Plantar ulcerations / ulcer prevention
  • Pressure points


  • Shock-inhibiting arch cushion insole (long-soled) with individually removable pegs
    ➝ Customisable fitting
  • Plantar pressure redistribution + targeted, selective pressure relief
  • Pressure reduced by up to 45%
  • Customisable PU material with high shape recovery
  • Soft sole covering made of lengthwise and crosswise elastic polyester
    ➝ High wearing comfort
  • Symmetrical sole
    ➝ Universal fit for right + left foot
  • For lesions in the arch of the foot
  • Anatomically adapted contours
    ➝ Optimal pressure redistribution


The PegContour® Insole Uni is an effective, three-dimensional insole system with adapted heel contour and memory foam effect. This allows for optimal pressure redistribution.

The pegs are individually removable, allowing individual adjustment  and enable selective work – postoperatively, for acute wound care or for lesions in the arch of the foot. The sole is symmetrically constructed and can therefore be worn universal right and left.


Blue insole
SizeShoe sizeInsole in cmArt. No.
WS34.0 – 36.523.6  9.05.5PCIU-W1
WM37.0 – 38.524.6  9.56.0PCIU-W2
WL39.0 –
MS39.0 –
MM41.5 – 43.027.511.06.5PCIU-M2
ML43.5 –
MXL45.5 –
MXXL47,5 - 50,
Information: For MedSurg, MedSurg Pro®, Relief Dual®, Relief Dual® Plus, Relief Insert® Walker 2.0
Black insole
SizeShoe sizeInsole in cmArt. No.
XS33.5 – 37.021.5  8.56.5PCIU0
S37.5 – 39.523.5  9.57.0PCIU1
M40.0 – 41.525.510.07.5PCIU2
L42.0 – 44.027.510.58.5PCIU3
XL44.5 – 47.029.511.59.0PCIU4
Information: For Commodus Open®, OrthoWedge, OrthoWedge Light, HeelWedge®, SlimLine®
Grey sole
SizeShoe sizeInsole in cmArt. No.
XS37.0 – 38.025.0  8.77.1PCIU-ARS0
S39.0 – 40.026.2  9.17.5PCIU-ARS1
M41.0 – 42.027.3  9.57.7PCIU-ARS2
L43.0 – 44.028.3  9.88.1PCIU-ARS3
XL45.0 – 46.029.810.48.5PCIU-ARS4
XXL47.0 – 48.031.410.98.9PCIU-ARS5
Information: For AllRound Shoe®

Pressure measurements



AllRound Shoe®


AllRound Shoe®
+ PegContour® Insole Uni
(heel cut-out)

Commodus Open®


Commodus Open®
+ PegContour® Insole Uni
(cut-out forefoot MTP II + III)

Relief Dual® | Plus


Relief Dual® | Plus
+ PegContour® Insole Uni
(cut-out forefoot MTP II + III)

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