MECRON Elastic Tape Elastic Tape for Kinesiology


  • For muscle, fascia and tendon conditions
  • Elastic sport and therapy tape for use in applied kinesiology
  • Use with patients undergoing physiotherapeutic treatment


  • Wavy adhesive surface
    ➝ Easy removal of sweat + water
  • Particularly skin-friendly
  • Latex-free
  • Elastic: Stretchable by approx. 30 %
  • Can be worn for several days without restrictions
  • Stimulates the blood circulation
  • To improve performance through continuous stimulation


MECRON Elastic Tape is an elastic sports and therapy tape for kinesiology taping. This technology can be used worldwide in many areas of sport as well as with patients undergoing physiotherapy treatment, for support and injury prevention. However, it is also used in many other areas (e.g. during pregnancy).

In our video with accompanying booklet, we describe many possible applications, e.g. on the lumbar spine or ankle joint, as well as various techniques such as fascia and lymphatic techniques to stimulate lymph flow.

The clinical effectiveness of kinesiology tapes has not been scientifically proven.


ColourWidthLengthArt. No.
Blue5 cm5 mDKT-B
Red5 cm5 mDKT-R
Black5 cm5 mDKT-S
Beige5 cm5 mDKT-H
Yellow5 cm5 mDKT-G
Information: Stretchable by approx. 30 %

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Tape Video + Booklet

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Tape Video + Booklet

Kinesiology Tape Course

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Dr. med. Hubert Klauser Orthopaedic surgeon, certified foot surgeon (GFFC) and hand surgeon at the Hand and Foot Centre Berlin, Germany

„MECRON Elastic Tape convinces me, my practice staff and especially our patients not only in everyday hand and foot orthopaedics as part of conservative therapy measures, but also particularly in the course of postoperative therapy as an accompanying and supportive measure with extremely high “adhesive strength” and virtually no allergy potential.“

Sabine Schötz Physiotherapist, practice for osteopathy, paediatric osteopathy and physiotherapy in Munich-Centre, Germany

„The range of applications is very diverse, whether for joint pain, muscle injuries and ligament injuries, but also for migraine or oedema, elastic tapes are used. We chose the high-quality MECRON Elastic Tape by DARCO because it is particularly breathable thanks to its additional wave structure on the adhesive surface and does not lose its adhesive strength. This way, our patients can be sure that even in case of increased sweating or showering, the therapy tape will not come off prematurely. In our opinion, the MECRON Elastic Tape by DARCO is an ideal product that also offers perfect value for money.“