Low weight
Time saving


  • Avoidance of pressure points
  • Protection of the toes from cold and dirt
  • Increased wearing comfort
  • Removable with self-adhesive hook and loop tape (excepting Toe Cap for WCS®)
  • Different variants for different DARCO products


The Toe Caps serve to protect the toes from dirt, wetness and cold. They also prevent foreign bodies from entering the foot fitting. The toe caps are available in various colours and materials and can thus be combined with the respective matching DARCO product (shoe or walker).

They can be manually washed and, if necessary, easily attached and removed using a pre-attached hook and loop strip.

For the WCS®, DARCO has developed a special form of Toe Cap (without hook and loop, but with a cardboard sole) to meet the special needs of the feet that are treated with this wound care shoe.


For OrthoWedge | TwinShoe®
SizeShoe sizeOrthoWedgeTwinShoe®
  Art. No.Art. No.
XS33.5 – 37.0TCO0TCT0
S37.5 – 39.5TCO1TCT1
M40.0 – 41.5TCO2TCT2
L42.0 – 44.0TCO3TCT3
XL44.5 – 47.0TCO4TCT4
For MedSurg + Pro®
SizeShoe sizeMedSurgMedSurg Pro®
  Art. No.Art. No.
WS34.0 – 36.5TCW1TCMW1
WM37.0 – 38.5TCW2TCMW2
WL39.0 – 41.0TCW3TCMW3
MS39.0 – 41.0TCM1TCMM1
MM41.5 – 43.0TCM2TCMM2
ML43.5 – 45.0TCM3TCMM3
MXL45.5 – 47.0TCM4TCMM4
Colour: Black
For Relief Dual® + Plus | Relief Insert® Walker 2.0 + Achill
SizeShoe sizeArt. No.
WS34.0 – 36.5TCDW1
WM37.0 – 38.5TCDW2
WL39.0 – 41.0TCDW3
MS39.0 – 41.0TCDM1
MM41.5 – 43.0TCDM2
ML43.5 – 45.0TCDM3
MXL45.5 – 47.0TCDM4
MXXL47,5 - 50,0TCDM5
Colour: Grey
For WCS®
SizeShoe sizeRightLeft
  Art. No.Art. No.
XS35.0 – 36.0TCWCS0/RTCWCS0/L
S37.0 – 38.0TCWCS1/RTCWCS1/L
S/M39.0 – 40.0TCWCS7/RTCWCS7/L
M41.0 – 42.0TCWCS2/RTCWCS2/L
L43.0 – 44.0TCWCS3/RTCWCS3/L
XL45.0 – 46.0TCWCS4/RTCWCS4/L
XXL47.0 – 48.0TCWCS5/RTCWCS5/L
Colour: Black
Information: Right and left version available

Compatible products





MedSurg Pro®

Relief Dual®

Relief Dual® Plus

Relief Insert® Walker 2.0

Relief Insert® Walker 2.0 Achill


Forefoot Off-Loading Shoe

The OrthoWedge forefoot off-loading shoe is characterised by the patented construction of the relief wedge, which allows pressure redistribution to the midfoot or rearfoot. The wide opening and the variable width adjustment by means of hook-and-loop fasteners …
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