WCS® Light Closed Wound Care Shoe

R ≠ L
Exchangeable insole
For diabetics


  • For the treatment of diabetic foot syndrome
  • For healing of open wounds and minor ulcerations
  • For pressure relief
  • In the postoperative phase after toe and / or forefoot surgery


  • Closed Wound Care Shoe
    ➝ Protection against moisture + dirt
  • Individual customisation options for targeted pressure relief
  • Large + seamless toe box
    ➝ Space for bulky dressings
  • Stretchable + air-permeable upper material
  • Four-Layer-Insole-System (WCS® / WCS® Light Insoles) with processing kit (included)
    ➝ Reorderable
  • Rocker-style sole
    ➝ Physiologically correct gait pattern
  • Only available in pairs


Especially in the early stages of diabetic foot syndrome, the diabetes patient depends on a comfortable, safe shoe that ensures the necessary pressure redistribution and can be worn indoors and outdoors.

With the WCS® Light, DARCO offers a closed shoe for pressure relief. It can be used for wound care, postoperatively, and in diabetes. The lightweight and air-permeable upper material of the shoe ensures high wearing comfort and leaves enough space for bandages. The four-layer-insole-system can be individually adapted with the enclosed customisation kit with marking pen, measuring template and disposable scalpel.


SizeShoe sizeInsole in cmArt. No.
XS35 – 3622.59.16.0WCSL0
S37 – 3825.010.16.9WCSL1
S/M39 – 4026.010.46.9WCSL7
M41 – 4227.010.77.0WCSL2
L43 – 4428.511.17.3WCSL3
XL45 – 4630.511.57.4WCSL4
XXL47 – 4832.011.87.7WCSL5
Measurements and sizes are approximate and depend on the volume of the dressing applied.
Colour: Black
Information: Only available in pairs

Pressure measurements



WCS® Light

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WCS® / WCS® Light Insoles

WCS® / WCS® Light Insoles


The design and the option of manually customising the Four-Layer-Insole-System enable precise plantar, medial and lateral pressure relief. The four soles made of Plastazote®, EVA and insole foam differ in their Shore hardnesses and degrees of resilience. To be able to determine the exact position of the ...
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