Off-loading Shoes

Patients who have undergone forefoot or rearfoot surgery are usually fitted with an interim shoe that shifts the tread area to the healthy part of the foot. DARCO is breaking new ground here and setting new standards in pressure redistribution. In addition to the classic forefoot or heel off-loading shoe, we also offer innovative sectoral off-loading shoes. Biomechanical analyses of pressure redistribution with DARCO products are a constant companion to our developments.

Heel Off-Loading Shoe

The HeelWedge® heel off-loading shoe is used for targeted relief of the heel area. The integrated toe cap protects against dirt and moisture. The insole is removable for customising (creating additional pressure relief) and can be supplemented with a matching …

Forefoot Off-Loading Shoe

The OrthoWedge forefoot off-loading shoe is characterised by the patented construction of the relief wedge, which allows pressure redistribution to the midfoot or rearfoot. The wide opening and the variable width adjustment by means of hook-and-loop fasteners …

OrthoWedge Light
Forefoot Off-Loading Shoe

With the OrthoWedge Light, the patented design of the off-loading wedge (15°) allows pressure redistribution to the midfoot and rearfoot. The wide opening and adjustable straps ensure comfortable entry. A wide hook and loop strap with medial …

Relief Dual®
Off-Loading Shoe

The flat Relief Dual® sectoral off-loading shoe convinces in particular with the combination of a rubber outsole as a ground contact surface and an EVA sole for optimal power absorption. This dual-sole technology provides significantly improved shock absorption, optimised …

Relief Dual® Plus
Off-Loading Shoe with High Ankle Support

The Relief Dual® Plus is a derivative of the Relief Dual® and has a 64 % higher shaft. It has additional application possibilities in postoperative care and can be used for wounds in the plantar forefoot area as well as dorsally at the heel …