MECRON ReadyDressment Strips Elastic Stabilising Strips

Time saving


  • Postoperative and conservative use for the redressement and stabilisation of fingers and wrists, toes and ankles
  • Postoperatively following open foot procedures
  • Postoperatively for minimally invasive foot procedures:
    • Akin osteotomies
    • Chevron osteotomies
    • DMMO (distal metatarsal metaphyseal osteotomies)
    • Claw / Hammer toe osteotomies
    • Curly toe osteotomies
    • Digitus quintus varus osteotomies
    • Tailor’s bunion osteotomies
    • Tenotomies


  • Pre-cut in two different lengths
    ➝ Individual anatomic fitting + control
    ➝ Easy application + correction option = time saving
  • Provides a longer hold than wound closure strips
  • Early functional after-care possible
  • Elastic: Stretchable by approx. 60 %
    ➝ No binding
  • Skin friendly dressing material
  • Latex-free
  • Can be worn for several days without restrictions
  • Dynamic stabilisation
  • Informative booklet with the first order (included)


MECRON ReadyDressment Strips are skin-friendly, prefabricated pre-cut tapes that can be used immediately without preparation. The ready-to-use strips are elastic and can be used after e.g. minimally invasive procedures. Together with the MA Spacer toe separator, the strips are ideal for fixing operated / corrected toes in the desired position and thus securing the surgical result.

The MECRON ReadyDressment Strips can be obtained as consultation material (by prescription, practice) or dressing material (clinic).

When you order ReadyDressment Strips for the first time, you will receive an informative booklet with numerous application examples free of charge. For a first impression, you can find a short excerpt from the booklet here in our preview.


ColourWidthLengthQuantityArt. No.QuantityArt. No.
White1.4 cm10.0 – 16.5* cm8MRSW-1500MRSW500-1
Blue1.4 cm10.0 – 16.5* cm8MRSB-1500MRSB500-1
White1.8 cm13.5 – 22.0* cm4MRSW-2500MRSW500-2
Blue1.8 cm13.5 – 22.0* cm4MRSB-2500MRSB500-2
Information: *Maximum stretchable length

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