MedSurg Pro® Post-Op Shoe

R = L
Exchangeable insole
For diabetics with a suitable insole
Compensation shoe not necessary


  • Postoperative for stabilisation and offloading, e.g. in case of foot osteotomies


  • Available with high + short shaft
  • High, ankle-supporting shaft + enlarged heel area
    = Good heel guide
    → Improved heal guidance
    ➝ Better rearfoot stability
  • Soft liner
    ➝ High wearing comfort
  • Strap loops on both sides
  • Pressure redistribution
  • Distal joint spring (MetaShank™)
    ➝ Rigidity in the forefoot area
  • Reinforced sole
    ➝ High standing stability
  • Shock-absorbing
  • Wide opening
  • Square Toe: Generous angular shape
    ➝ Toe protection


The MedSurg Pro® is available in two versions (short or cross-ankle).

The soft and smooth liner provides high wearing comfort. Strap loops on both sides of the shoe and wide hook-and-loop straps ensure practical handling and a stable hold. The toe spring of the outsole with patented sole stiffener and distal joint spring provides force reduction in the forefoot area and offer optimal protection of the operated foot. The tried and tested quality features such as square toe, low profile height and wide entry are an integral part of the shoe.

Combination with a patient-friendly sole such as PegCountour Insole® Uni can provide additional relief for various areas.


SizeShoe sizeInsole in cmHigh shaftShort shaft
  ABCArt. No.Art. No.
WS34.0 –
WM37.0 –
WL39.0 –
MS39.0 –
MM41.5 –
ML43.5 –
MXL45.5 –
Measurements and sizes are approximate and depend on the volume of the dressing applied.
Colour: Black

Pressure measurements



MedSurg Pro®

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