Our “companions” are put through their paces just as much as our devices themselves are. From the proven toe cap against dirt and cold to the innovative toe separator. Expand the functionality of DARCO devices and enable even more patient comfort, indication-specific solutions, and targeted therapies. Our range of accessories is constantly growing and offers all-round protection for foot and ankle.

DAW (DARCO Achilles Wedges)
Heel Wedges for Walkers

DAW Achilles Wedges consist of 3 wedges in different lengths. A wedge has a height of approx. 11 mm. Depending on the number of wedges used, the height varies and the angle of plantar flexion can, thus, be adjusted individually. 3 wedges correspond to a slant of approx. 120°. According to the foot length …

MA Spacer (MIS Akin Spacer)
Toe Separator

The soft MA Spacer made of medical silicone adapts individually to the contour of the toe and can be washed and disinfected. To fix / align the operated / corrected toes in the desired position and thus secure the surgical result, the MA Spacer can be used together with the …

Tape Video + Booklet
Kinesiology Tape Course

In the 48-minute video you will find five basic techniques (fascia, relief, lymph, muscle, correction technique) of kinesiology taping with MECRON Elastic Tapes. In addition, eight application examples for different body regions (lumbar spine, knee, calf, ankle, foot, cervical spine, shoulder …

Toe Cap
Toe Cap

The Toe Caps serve to protect the toes from dirt, wetness and cold. They also prevent foreign bodies from entering the foot fitting. The toe caps are available in various colours and materials and can be combined with the matching DARCO product (shoe or walker) …