Our Mission Statement

Always one step ahead!
We are committed to constant further development, a high level of quality, and absolute reliability. That is how we leave our mark.


Provide optimal care with cutting-edge products and make them available to as many patients in Europe as possible.


To provide optimal care and help people with our products. Not only to support patients in their health, but to start at the grassroots level in the immediate environment. We want to offer our employees leeway to realise their individual life plans, because they are our most valuable assets and mutual appreciation is indispensable to pull together and achieve goals. We offer our customers and suppliers a flexible, prompt and reliable service. Sustainable cost and profit policy is the foundation of our innovations of the future.



We want to leverage our enthusiasm for technical advancement and our determination to provide as many patients as possible with excellent products.


The DARCO team is the foundation of our success. We offer our employees an exciting, positive working environment with an optimal work-life balance, where everyone can achieve fulfilment.


Our customers, suppliers and other business partners are the focus of our work. Respect, appreciation, reliability, and trust are the mainstays of our cooperation.


DARCO works in a future-oriented and value-creating way to continuously increase profit in the long term. Economic success is at the same time the basis for a healthy future, as well as the basis for reinvestment.


From the inventive spirit of an American foot surgeon, to whom the well-being of his patients was the most important thing, to a global company. Our origin remains our spirit and has been for decades.

Environmental Policy

Future-oriented thinking is ingrained within us

Our corporate compass is always set to effective, meaningful and cost-effective action. This includes our commitment to our fellow human beings and our environment. So the topic of environmental policy is firmly anchored at DARCO.


> Download the DARCO environmental policy here

“Der Grüne Punkt“ (The Green Dot)

Conserving resources in the recycling loop - DARCO supports the dual system

“Der Grüne Punkt” is a dual system and a protected trademark. It stands for a functioning circular economy, i.e. the consistent utilisation of recyclable materials from waste. With the continuous further development of recycling, “Der Grüne Punkt” is constantly reutilising and reusing more and more recyclable and raw materials. This protects finite resources, the climate and the environment.

DARCO supports this system and participates in the recycling process with a charge for sales packaging and every parcel sent.