PegAssist® Insole Peg Off-Loading Insole

R = L
For diabetics
Low weight
Time saving


For selective off-loading for:
  • Plantar lesions
  • Plantar ulcerations
  • Pressure points


  • Insert system with individually removable pegs
    ➝ Customisable fitting
  • Various colours
    ➝ Identical features, but different fit:
    • Blue sole: 7 Sizes (WS, WM, WL, MS, MM, ML, MXL)
    • Black sole: 5 Sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL)
  • Plantar pressure redistribution
  • Targeted, punctual pressure relief
  • Pressure reduced by up to 50%
  • Shock-inhibiting
  • Material: 18 mm PE foam layer + Poron® + EVA
  • Square Toe: Generous angular shape
    ➝ Toe protection
  • Marker pen (included)



The PegAssist® Insole Peg Off-Loading Insole is used postoperatively or for acute wound care and for targeted pressure relief.

The individual pegs can be easily removed and allow selective work. The thin cardboard cover layer enclosed is self-adhesive and, by attaching it to the bottom of the sole, can fix the customised area in place and prevents slipping of the adjacent pegs. The insole is made of an 18-mm combination of PE foam, Poron® and EVA – an ideal combination for shock reduction and mouldability.


Blue insole
SizeShoe sizeInsole in cmArt. No.
WS34.0 – 36.523.69.05.5PAS-W1
WM37.0 – 38.524.69.56.0PAS-W2
WL39.0 –
MS39.0 –
MM41.5 – 43.027.511.06.5PAS-M2
ML43.5 –
MXL45.5 –
Information: For MedSurg, MedSurg Pro®, Relief Dual®, Relief Dual® Plus, Relief Insert® Walker 2.0
Black insole
SizeShoe sizeInsole in cmArt. No.
XS33.5 –
S37.5 – 39.523.59.57.0PAS1
M40.0 – 41.525.510.07.5PAS2
L42.0 – 44.027.510.58.5PAS3
XL44.5 – 47.029.511.59.0PAS4
Information: For Commodus Open®, OrthoWedge, OrthoWedge Light, HeelWedge®, SlimLine®


Pressure measurements



Commodus Open®


Commodus Open®
+ PegAssist® Insole
(cut-out forefoot MTP II + III)

Relief Dual® | Plus


Relief Dual® | Plus
+ PegAssist® Insole
(cut-out forefoot MTP II + III)

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