Body Armor® Active Ankle Orthosis

R = L
Low weight


  • Distortion trauma of the upper ankle joint
  • Insufficiency of the capsules and ligaments of the upper ankle joint
  • Postoperative protection after ligament suturing / reconstruction
  • Prevention of chronic instability


  • For stabilisation with targeted mobility
  • Protects the ankle joint
  • Can be worn with customised insole
  • Light + breathable but still stable
  • Free dorsal extension + plantar flexion possible
  • Removable, washable inner liner
  • Stability elements (1)
    ➝ Anatomically shaped fit
  • Shortened orthotic sole (2)
    ➝ Sufficient space in the shoe
  • Wide hook and loop strap (3)
    ➝ Fast + easy to put on
  • Pivot joints in parallel arrangement (4)
    ➝ Physiologically correct movement of the foot



The Body Armor® Active is an ankle joint orthosis that can be used during the process of rehabilitation and also preventively. The parallel hinge points allow easy dorsal extension and plantar flexion of the upper ankle. The side polypropylene shells with fibreglass restrict inversion and eversion. The lower part of the inner pad is used for padding the ankle. The effectiveness of custom-made sports insoles or orthopaedic insoles is retained when using this ankle joint orthosis.


SizeShoe sizeArt. No.
S35 – 39BAA1
M40 – 44BAA2
L45 – 49BAA3
Colour: Black-Grey