Body Armor® Stirrup Acute Ankle Orthosis

Universal size
R = L


  • Acute injuries of the ankle joint
  • Postoperative rehabilitation
  • Chronically weakened ligaments
  • For prevention


  • For stabilisation of the ankle joint
  • Plantar width adjustment in the rearfoot area
    ➝ Optimal fit also in case of severe swelling
  • Circularly closing straps
    ➝ Firm + comfortable support
  • X-ray permeable material
  • Removable, washable inner liner



The Body Armor® Stirrup Acute is an ankle orthosis that is especially suitable for stabilising the ankle joint in the post-traumatic as well as in the preventive domain. The plantar width regulation in the rearfoot area and the two circularly closing straps ensure a good fit even in cases of severe swelling, and provide firm and comfortable support.

The anatomically shaped outer shells made of plastic and soft, washable inner padding can be left on the foot during X-rays, as metal parts have been dispensed with.


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Colour: Black