Relief Dual® Off-Loading Shoe

R = L
Exchangeable insole
For diabetics with a suitable insole
Compensation shoe not necessary
Low weight


  • Postoperative for stabilisation and offloading, e.g. in case of foot osteotomies


  • Innovative dual sole technology: Abrasion-resistant, shock-absorbing, anti-slip, with continuous rigid shoe base reinforcement
  • High forefoot off-loading through reduced dorsiflexion moments
  • Reduced ankle movement and improved pressure redistribution after surgery
  • Negative heel through use of the insoles PegContour® Insole, Puzzle Insole®, Relief Contour Insole
  • Suitable for diabetes-adapted footbed
  • Wide hook and loop strap with medial and lateral strap loops
  • Sandwich construction with rigid shoe base reinforcement
    ➝ Good pressure redistribution
  • Back-shifted ball rocker
    ➝ Less loading in the forefoot
  • Square Toe: Generous angular shape
    ➝ Toe protection


The flat sectoral off-loading shoe Relief Dual®  is particularly convincing due to the combination of a rubber outsole as a ground contact surface and an EVA sole for optimal power absorption. This dual-sole technology provides significantly improved shock absorption, optimised rolling behaviour and slip resistance. The long-soled, rigid inner sole significantly reduces ankle movements and achieves improved pressure redistribution. The stable heel cap provides good rearfoot support. The self-closing hook and loop strap is easy to shorten and can be ideally adapted to the patient’s needs thanks to the two strap loops. In addition to the tried and tested DARCO quality features of square toe, low profile height and wide entry, the Relief Dual® scores with its soft liner and seamless forefoot area, which create a particularly comfortable wearing sensation.


SizeShoe sizeInsole in cmArt. No.
WS34.0 – 36.523.69.05.5RD-W1
WM37.0 – 38.524.69.56.0RD-W2
WL39.0 –
MS39.0 –
MM41.5 – 43.027.511.06.5RD-M2
ML43.5 –
MXL45.5 –
Measurements and sizes are approximate and depend on the volume of the dressing applied.
Colour: Grey

Pressure measurements



Relief Dual® | Plus


Relief Dual® | Plus
+ PegAssist® Insole
(cut-out forefoot MTP II + III)

Relief Dual® | Plus


Relief Dual® | Plus
+ PegContour® Insole
(cut-out forefoot MTP II + III)

Relief Dual® | Plus


Relief Dual® | Plus
+ PegContour® Insole Uni
(cut-out forefoot MTP II + III)

Relief Dual® | Plus


Relief Dual® | Plus
+ Puzzle Insole®
(replacement big-toe module)

Relief Dual® | Plus


Relief Dual® | Plus
+ Relief Contour Insole

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