WCS® Wound Care Shoe

R ≠ L
Exchangeable insole
For diabetics


  • For the treatment of diabetic foot syndrome
  • For healing of open wounds, pressure ulcers and ulcerations
  • Ulcerations up to Wagner grade 3
  • For pressure relief
  • In the postoperative phase after toe and / or forefoot surgery
  • Bony prominences


  • Upper material individually customisable
    ➝ Targeted pressure relief
  • Stable heel cap
    ➝ Safe foothold
  • Wide opening
    ➝ Easy entry + space for bulky dressings
  • Inherently stable + durable
  • Closed-cell liner: Seamless, ultra-soft + disinfectable
  • Four-Layer-Insole-System (WCS® / WCS® Light Insoles) with processing kit (inclusive)
    ➝ Reorderable
  • Rocker-style sole
    ➝ Physiologically correct gait pattern



The WCS® wound care shoe is a complete solution for immediate fitting. It can be individually customised for every patient in a very quick and easy process in order to provide carefully targeted pressure relief. Its design and the option of manually customising the four-layer insole enable precise plantar, medial and lateral pressure relief. The design, the wide openings and the adjustable hook-and-loop fasteners allow the shoe to be worn even by patients with very thick bandages. The rocker-style sole with sliding tip reduces shearing forces. At the same time, the rough area provides more stability while standing.


SizeShoe sizeInsole in cmRightLeft
  ABCArt. No.Art. No.
XS35 – 3622.59.16.0WCS0B/RWCS0B/L
S37 – 3825.010.16.9WCS1B/RWCS1B/L
S/M39 – 4026.010.46.9WCS7B/RWCS7B/L
M41 – 4227.010.77.0WCS2B/RWCS2B/L
L43 – 4428.511.17.3WCS3B/RWCS3B/L
XL45 – 4630.511.57.4WCS4B/RWCS4B/L
XXL47 – 4832.011.87.7WCS5B/RWCS5B/L
Measurements and sizes are approximate and depend on the volume of the dressing applied.
Colour: Black
Information: Right and left version available


Pressure measurements





+ WCS® / WCS® Light Insoles
(cut-out forefoot MTP II + III)

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