Body Armor® Ankle Flex Ankle Bandage

R = L


  • Upper and lower ankle osteoarthritides
  • Rheumatic diseases
  • Postoperative and post-traumatic irritations
  • Articular effusion and swelling caused by osteoarthritis or arthritis
  • Prophylactic use during daily life for ligament weakness
  • Sense of instability


  • Areas of different strength
    ➝ Anatomically shaped fit
    ➝  Stabilisation + protection of the ankle joint
  • Anatomically shaped silicone pads integrated on both sides
    ➝ Improved blood circulation
  • Plantar support
  • Suitable for permanent use
  • Loops attached on both sides as aids for putting on
  • Washable at 40°C



This comfortable ankle bandage from the DARCO bandage family is the ideal companion for long-term use, whether in sport or everyday life: The Body Armor® Ankle Flex stabilises and protects the ankle according to the indication. The high functionality is used both in the acute phase and in rehabilitation or as a prophylactic fitting for ligament insufficiency.

Differently firmly knitted zones, integrated silicone pads and a plantar reinforcement support the physiological structures of the foot and increase perfusion. As a result, effusions are absorbed, and pain is relieved.

The high-quality support “Made in Germany” meets all the requirements of a precisely fitting and modern ankle bandage.

Circumference Ankle


SizeCircumferenceArt. No.
XSup to 19 cmAF0
S19 – 21 cmAF1
M21 – 23 cmAF2
L23 – 25 cmAF3
XL25 – 27 cmAF4
Measurements and sizes are approximate.
Colour: Grey-Blue