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Postoperative and Trauma Care
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Postoperative care by DARCO

Had foot surgery? Now you can gradually return to everyday life with DARCO.
Especially in the first 6 weeks after surgery, a special postoperative shoe is necessary to safeguard the surgical result. Form and function now play an important role: a design adapted to biomechanics, innovative materials, effective pressure redistribution, sufficient space and easy handling make these special orthopaedic shoes your daily companion on your way to healing and restoring your mobility. 

For many years, DARCO has focused its attention on the development of shoe models that include exactly this care. With our shoes, patients can better participate in everyday life despite their limitations – professionally, privately or in their leisure time. As a world leader in post-op and healing shoes, bandage shoes and cast boots as well as sole systems, DARCO has established itself internationally in most clinics, surgery centres and foot surgery specialist practices. Bandages, tapes, dressings and consumables for stabilisation as well as preventive and postoperative care are also a respected part of our range.


Trauma care by DARCO

Leg broken? Ankle injured? Our products support the healing process with targeted immobilisation and simultaneous mobilisation.
The feet contain more than ¼ of all the bones in the human body. For this reason, torn ligaments, sprains and broken bones are the most common types of injuries. When treating blunt injuries, which often occur in sports, falls or accidents, optimal care must be ensured, taking biomechanical conditions into account. In addition to wound healing, the patient should regain mobility as soon as possible.

DARCO has launched a product line specifically for this area, which can be adapted to the needs and circumstances of each individual patient.


Diabetes and wound care by DARCO

Diabetics? These feet need special attention!
Pressure sores and open ulcers on the foot are among the most common manifestations of diabetes and are a great challenge in terms of healing and relieving the foot. The question of the right shoe fitting automatically arises here. A therapeutic shoe that is individually adapted to the needs of the patient is absolutely necessary for the preventive, acute and chronic phases of treatment. Restoration of mobility and thus the increase of the patient’s quality of life is the highest goal.

One of DARCO’s focal points is wound care for the diabetic foot. Our devices help to prevent the development of wounds and ulcers or to heal existing wounds.

Catalogue and guide to diabetes and wound care

We help you to get foot wounds under control. Because every step counts.
The DARCO Diabetes and Wound Care Catalogue and Guide is part of the comprehensive DARCO therapy concept. An added value for the care provider and an important guide for the optimal treatment and improvement of the patient’s quality of life with DARCO products. With the guide, the practitioner finds a decision-making aid for the different treatment phases in preventive, acute and postoperative care after minor amputation. The easy-to-understand schematic representation illustrates quickly and clearly structured different symptoms, indications, product recommendations and thus the suitable and customisable solution for the patient.

Products for sports medicine and physiotherapy

Treat and effectively prevent sports injuries – with elastic sports tapes for kinesiology
Sports injuries – especially in football, handball, tennis, volleyball and basketball – are often treated directly on the sidelines. In amateur as well as professional sports, however, injuries are also increasingly being prevented.

Tape Video + Booklet Kinesiology Tape Course

For optimal application, DARCO has developed an instruction video with booklet explaining basic techniques and application examples of kinesiological taping. In the 48-minute video you will find all five basic techniques (fascia, relief, lymph, muscle and correction technique) of kinesiological taping with MECRON Elastic Tapes. Furthermore, eight applications for different body regions (lumbar spine, knee, calf, ankle, foot, cervical spine, shoulder and forearm) are presented in detail in step-by-step instructions.

Postoperative and trauma care for children

Four to six weeks of plaster or wound dressing – a stress test for child and parents!
A minor fall – though not so minor in terms of results – and the child and parents are already faced with a major test of endurance. After thorough examination and diagnosis of the injury or fracture, the healing and optimal after-care of the child’s foot are the first priority. This includes – especially for children – optimal care taking into account the child’s natural need to move.

In order to meet these special requirements, DARCO also offers post-op shoes for children in addition to specially developed post-op shoes for children. In addition to our orthopaedic shoes in children’s sizes, DARCO also offers knee braces and shoulder supports for children.