Optional flexible sole systems are a pivotal component of DARCO’s orthopaedic shoe fitting. The pressure-relieving insoles expand the treatment spectrum and offer the user flexibility and patient-specific fitting options in all stages of care: preventive, acute and chronic.

PegAssist® Insole
Peg Off-Loading Insole

The PegAssist® Insole Peg Off-Loading Insole is used postoperatively or for acute wound care and is used for targeted pressure relief. The individual pegs can be easily removed and enable selective work …

PegContour® Insole Uni
Universal Peg Arch Cushion Insole

The PegContour® Insole Uni is an effective, three-dimensional insole system with adapted heel contour and memory foam effect. This allows optimal pressure redistribution to be achieved. The pegs are individually removable …

Puzzle Insole®
Modular Insole

The Puzzle Insole® has been specially developed for fittings after forefoot and midfoot surgery. The two EVA foam soles differ in colour and Shore hardness. The three modules …

Relief Contour Insole
Arch Cushion Insole

The Relief Contour Arch Cushion Insole conveys the feeling of a customised insole thanks to its anatomically adapted shape and enables almost full-area weight-bearing. The soft polyurethane (PU) material has high resilience and can be …

WCS® / WCS® Light Insoles

The design and the option of manually customising the Four-Layer-Insole-System enable precise plantar, medial and lateral pressure relief. The four soles made of Plastazote®, EVA and insole foam …