Sports injuries affecting the ankle joint are extremely common. As one of the most heavily loaded joints in the body, it is subjected to constant heavy stress when walking and running. In order to ensure post-traumatic and preventive stabilisation with targeted mobility, DARCO offers various fitting options for a wide range of ankle injuries.

Body Armor® Active
Ankle Orthosis

The Body Armor® Active is an ankle joint orthosis that can be used during the process of rehabilitation and also preventively. The parallel hinge points allow easy dorsal extension and plantar flexion of the upper ankle ...

Body Armor® Ankle Flex
Ankle Bandage

This comfortable ankle bandage from the DARCO bandage family is the ideal companion for long-term use, whether in sport or everyday life: with the Body Armor® Ankle Flex, the ankle joint is stabilised and protected according to the indication. The …

Body Armor® Stirrup Acute
Ankle Orthosis

The Body Armor® Stirrup Acute is an ankle orthosis that is especially suitable for stabilising the ankle joint in the post-traumatic as well as in the preventive domain. The plantar width regulation in the rearfoot area and the two circular …