MECRON X-patch Cross Tapes

Time saving


  • Treatment of trigger points
  • Treatment of pain points and acupuncture meridians
  • Scar tissue release


  • Relieves tension
  • Stimulates the meridian pathways
  • Harmonises trigger points + energy flow
  • Relief of sticky fasciae + dry scars
  • Hyperallergenic bandaging material
  • Easy to use
  • Gently removable without residue
  • Tear-resistant, breathable + water-resistant
  • Can be worn for several days without restrictions
  • Available in 3 sizes


The MECRON X-patch cross tape is an elastic tape in grid form and relieves discomfort without use of medicines, drugs, chemical agents or healing agents.

The cross tape is applied directly to pain points, trigger points or acupuncture points. By moving the affected area, the tape activates stimuli on the skin that promote blood circulation and thus healing. It is also possible to relieve stuck fasciae under scars (application only for scars that are already dry).

The MECRON X-patch cross tape is water-resistant and can be worn for several days without restriction.


SizeQuantityMeasurementsArt. No.
S20 sheetsà 9 tapes2.8 × 2.1 cmDGT1
M20 sheetsà 6 tapes3.5 × 2.5 cmDGT2
L20 sheetsà 2 tapes5.2 × 4.5 cmDGT3
Colour: Beige