Cast Shoes and Boots

Patients with casts need special shoes that provide protection and stability with a correct gait. DARCO cast shoes and boots are wide-cut and accommodate large volumes. Variable fastening elements make them easy to put on. In combination with a compensation shoe by DARCO, the plaster wearer is well taken care of all around. Here, too, patient comfort is our top priority: Lightweight, weatherproof materials, optimal support and a stable tread allow a safe gait even outdoors.

Body Armor® Cast Shoe
Cast Shoe

The Body Armor® Cast Shoe provides protection for the cast on wet and dirty surfaces. The infinitely adjustable quick-release fastener ensures optimum hold. The stable tread ensures the physiologically correct gait pattern. The dirt-repellent EVA material enables …

Cast Boot

A sturdy lightweight cast boot which helps provide the patient with secure ambulation. Made of a durable navy blue canvas with three hook and loop fastenings for adjustable fitting. The foam rocker EVA tri-level sole provides a shock-absorbing easy-roll action for maximum comfort ...

Cast Boot

The SlimLine® permits fitting in case of plastic plaster and zinc glue dressings. It consists of a stretchable, water-repellent nylon upper material and a specially designed tread that ensures a physiologically correct gait pattern. Thanks to the square …