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DARCO Posterior Splint Fix | Foot-Positioning Orthosis

Just in time for the beginning of 2022, DARCO is launching a new product. The further development of our tried and tested DARCO Posterior Splint positioning splint (plaster replacement) into an orthosis has significant advantages:

The two-piece fixation strap set included in the scope of delivery (150 mm wide calf strap and 75 mm wide forefoot strap) can be flexibly positioned on the plastic shell. Thanks to the hook and loop straps integrated on the outside, the straps stick where they are needed. There is no need to wrap a gauze bandage. Instead, the two straps are only applied circularly around the calf area as well as around the forefoot. This keeps the foot comfortably in a defined position.

Postoperatively, the new foot-positioning orthosis directly in the operating theatre is a time- and cost-saving alternative to conventional plaster or splints that require thermal processing. Its ease of use significantly increases patient compliance. Applications range from pre- and postoperative use, immobilisation after accidents to post-traumatic immobilisation and use as a plaster replacement.

For patients with limited dorsiflexion in the upper ankle joint, DARCO offers the DARCO Posterior Splint Plus Fix foot-positioning orthosis.

The DARCO Posterior Splint Fix is available in two angles (90° Plus and 110°) and three sizes (S, M, L). The foot-positioning orthosis with a 110° angle was developed for the care of Achilles tendon pathologies in a 20° pointed foot position.


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