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PegContour® Insole Uni | Peg Arch Cushion Insole

Based on the existing PegContour® Insole, DARCO developed a new peg arch cushion insole that have a universal fit for right and left: The PegContour® Insole Uni.

The tried and tested PegContour® System is now also available with angular sole cut for the DARCO shoe models in the 5-sizes. The heel contour that is adapted to the anatomy of the foot enables optimal pressure redistribution. The individually removable pegs enable targeted relief. With the PegContour® Insole Uni, a reduction in pressure of up to 45 % can be achieved. As this sole is symmetrical, it has a universal fit for right and left, simplifying warehousing. In addition, nothing stands in the way of care for lesions in the arch of the foot due to the symmetrical sole.

The combination of the open healing shoe Commodus Open® and the new peg arch cushion insole PegContour® Insole Uni now also allows the treatment of plantar lesions in addition to dorsal, medial and lateral lesions.


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